Friday, May 20, 2005

Marquis who's who now includes historic biographies

Dear Valued Subscriber,

I am happy to inform you that, starting tonight (May 17th) at approximately 9pm Eastern Standard Time, your subscription to Marquis Who's Who on the Web will include approximately 70,000 digitized biographies from our Who Was Who in America print archive! This new addition to the database -- Who's Who in American History -- is included FREE with your subscription.

This is the first launch of our digitization initiative, and includes nearly 60% of the total 110,000 historical biographies that will be added by the end of this summer.

Because of the special nature of these biographies, we have made them searchable among the entire database, as well as through their own customized search screen that has search features unique to these historical biographies.

You will notice there are now three options for searching the Marquis Who's Who database:

1. Entire Database - this is the default search screen that opens upon log-in, and allows you to search every biography in our database, including the segments below.

2. Current Biographies - this search screen, which includes the same search features as the Entire Database screen, returns biographies of living people only, which have been included in our more recent publications. This database segment is intended for those who are interested in researching living people active in their careers.

3. Historical Biographies - this search screen allows you to search among only the most important (deceased) people in history - from Christopher Columbus to Ronald Reagan. This database segment encompasses all of our digitized biographies, as well as highly noteworthy people selected from our more recent publications. Again, because of the special nature of these historical figures, custom search features are available. You can search by Death Information (including year, place, and even events like the "Alamo").

A historical occupation search list is provided, with such occupations as "Activists & Reformers" and "Outlaws". Click on "Search Tips" on the left side to see sample Historical Searches to help you get the most out of your research.

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